Amazing Donation to Help our Furry Patients
May 16, 2021

May 16 2021 - Today we received a special donation from Girl Scout Troop 90002 (Piney Branch Elementary School). The special donation was 5 Pet O2 (Wag'N O2 Fur Life Kits) masks that will be deployed to our Fire and Rescue units at Station 5 and 25. The girls worked hard selling cookies and candy during the pandemic with one single goal, to help us help our furry patients. Receiving the special donation is Rescue Captain E. Chamberlin along with the volunteer crew staffing Ambulance 525. We are very thankful for the donation and the support from the Troop. This donation will help make sure we continue to bring the best fire and rescue service to our community.

Since its inception in 2008, the Wag'N O2 Fur Life Program has provided over 13,000 pet oxygen masks kits to more than 5,250 Fire & EMS departments in North America. With the help of generous individuals and corporate partners, we estimate that up to 10,500 Fire Departments and 2,700 EMS Vehicles have now acquired at least 1 pet oxygen mask kit.

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