A Way to a Firefighter's Heart?
October 29, 2020

Oct 29 2020 - Is food, of course. Representatives from Bimbo Bakeries (owners of Thomas English Muffins, SaraLee, Arnold, Ball Park and many more) donated grocery bags filled with their famous brands to the Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics that run out of our two stations.

When asked, Patrick Heintze, Regional Sales Lead for Bimbo Bakeries, said that that they wanted to thank all the First Responders who provide such amazing service to the community. Accepting the donation on behalf of all the crews was Chief Silva. When Chief Silva was asked about this donation he simply stated that "this was one amazing donation".

Support from our community and also local businesses is greatly appreciated by all of us. If you want to learn more and wish to join us and become a VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTER please email membership@nvfdrs.org

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