Administrative Officers Voted in at Company Meeting
By Mark Engman
December 4, 2019

Dec 4 2019 - On December 3 2019 we held our end of year company meeting and also voted in to office our Administrative Leadership. Members who serve as leaders in the administrative roles serve a 2 year term, Directors serve a 3 year term. Beginning Jan 1 2020 the following will take effect:

President - M. Engman
Vice President - J. Stelmack
Secretary - E. Chamberlin
Treasurer - W. Rollins
Director - J. Soderberg
Director - B. Cowell

What is unique about our Administrative Leadership is that they have all been or are operational members of the department. So they hold certifications as EMT and/or Firefighter.

We want to thank them for the commitment to manage the day-to-day business of the department.