...and the walls came down
By Mark Engman
July 1, 2019

July 1 2019 - As we prepare to celebrate our nation's birthday we are also mourning the lose of a landmark in the Nokesville area. Fire Station 5, which provided services to the community for over 50 years, has been demolished. The new Fire Station 5 opening on June 14 2019 at 6pm.

The property that the old station sat on will become the parking lot and a large grassy area next to the new Nokesville Community Room. The members (who are all volunteer, do not get paid) along with the career staff assigned to Fire Station 5 continue to refine the interior of the new Fire Station 5.

Our goal is to be 100% completed with all work by Labor Day weekend so that in September we will hold the official ribbon cutting ceremony in the new Community Room.

(Attached photos were take by PWC FCM and KCC)

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