Santa is coming!!!!!
By EMT John Stelmack
November 21, 2018

NVFD has been in contact with the North Pole again this year. After some intense negotiations with the scheduling elves, and some bribery consisting of the promise of hot cocoa and warm, oven baked cookies, we are happy to announce that we will once again be escorting Santa to see all of the good boys and girls of our first due (primary coverage area) for Nokesville, Bristow, and Gainesville.
We ask that you please keep an eye on your children and not let them enter the street, or chase after the apparatus. We understand that seeing Santa is very exciting, but this type of behavior is extremely dangerous and we want everyone to safely enjoy Santa's visits.

Santa's Schedule is as follows beginning each day at approximately 10:00AM:

Saturday, December 1st:
• Foxborough
• Kingsbrook
• All streets on left side of Rollings Ford Rd from Linton Hall Rd.
• Braemar (Orland Stone & sections off Tartan Hills Pkwy)

Sunday, December 2nd:
• Braemar – (all sections in the Braemar Pkwy/Iona Sound area)
• Devlins Grove Pl. (behind fire station)
• Bridlewood Manor
• Crossmans Creek area
• Lanier Farm area (Fog Light Way & Pike Branch)
• Jennell Drive
• Independence subdivision
• Arcadia Run Apts

Saturday, December 8th:
• New Bristow Village
• Amberleigh/Silver Leaf
• All streets on right side Rollings Ford Rd (from Linton Hall Rd)
• Victor Lane
• Nokesville Christmas Parade at 4:00pm

Sunday, December 9th:
• Dunbarton
• All streets in area of Loma Drive
• Merrimont Trace
• Braemar (all streets off Darnick, Gentle Shade, Rob Roy & Noltland Castle)
• Bridlewood/Rocky Run
• Laurianne Terrace neighborhood
• Wentworth Green

Saturday, December 15th:
• Saybrooke/Braemar (all streets off Open Meadow/Saybrooke Pkwy/Country Mill)
• Ashley Ridge (all streets from Rain Slicker to Aqua View)
• Middlebrook Terrace
• Avendale
• Sheffield Manor
• Victory Lakes
• Stillhaven

Sunday, December 16th:
• Make up day for any missed streets due to weather or 911 emergencies
• Saranac
• Crackling Fire Dr (all streets in area)
• Broad Run Oaks
• Virginia Oaks
• Possibly Old Linton Hall (pending verification of low hanging wires)

A few details that we must notify you about:
• Please note that we cannot provide exact times that Santa will be in your area beyond what is listed in the schedule.
• There may be times that the units escorting Santa are in service for 911 emergencies. As our primary mission is public safety, these units may suddenly stop and depart from the area if they are dispatched on an emergency. If units are dispatched, they will return as soon as possible to resume Santa escorting activities.
• Every effort will be made to complete the areas listed on their scheduled dates. Due to calls and weather, any areas missed will need to be covered on our scheduled Make-up Day. Please watch our Facebook page for updates.

Lastly, the Nokesville Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank our community for your wonderful, and continued support, and wish all of the residents of Prince William County a safe and happy holidays!

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